Within this partnership MIAGI Youth Orchestra embarks on an extensive international ‘Be the Legacy’ campaign tour to Celebrate Nelson Mandela Centenary 2018 and raise funds for our two organisations’ mutual determination and efforts.

The first leg of our campaign is serving to collect funds for the ‘Be the Legacy’ global campaign tour preparation phase, and for the invaluable on-going work of MIAGI and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

The majority of the 92 members of MIAGI Youth Orchestra derive from all across South Africa and to underline the global impact during the Mandela Centenary year 2018, the orchestra also includes selected young musicians from the countries our ‘Be the Legacy’ orchestra, MIAGI Youth Orchestra, will be visiting.

All costs for crucial rehearsals need to be funded by MIAGI. These include sectional rehearsals (during which smaller groups of the orchestra will gather to rehearse their parts) and one major get-together of 9 days for the full orchestra. The youths receive full board and lodging, tuition from professional instructors and conductor and all travel costs covered of course.

The partners MIAGI and Nelson Mandela Foundation will be sharing funds raised through our partnership, and we have decided to set our goals high: 1 500 000 ZAR is the overall target. Our online fundraising target is set at 100 000 ZAR.

Please support us by donating and/or fundraising on this page!

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