The NSPCA continue to fight for the complete ban of live export of animals (especially sheep) to the Northern Hemisphere in the High Court.

The undeniable suffering that these animals experience during these journeys to the Middle East is both unnecessary and unacceptable.

Animals are essentially transported in vessels and remain in transit for up to 21 days. Traveling through immense heat, in a completely unnatural environment with inappropriate feed and often soiled water troughs, for those that are able to access them.

You have the power to make a difference in the lives of millions of sheep that are earmarked to make this harrowing journey. Your donation today can bring an end to this horror.

These are the welfare concerns of these animals:

  • Lack of appetite, leading to exhaustion
  • Salmonellosis (an infection with salmonella bacteria, commonly caused by contaminated food or water)
  • Stocking density (which leads not only to physical discomfort and an inability to rest, but also to food and water restrictions)
  • Pneumonia from multifactorial causes
  • Motion sickness
  • Change in lighting period and photo period resulting in stress and an impaired immune system
  • Physical trauma and injuries (trampling and injuries caused by rough seas)
  • Exposure to noxious gases
  • Eye infections

Join the fight and change the fate of these sheep today.

Donate or start your own fundraising project to help end this misery and abuse. Share this cause with your friends, family, colleagues and network.

Please note:
All donations made are tax-deductible. 
The use of the NSPCA logo without permission is strictly forbidden (there are legal repercussions involved) and may not be used as a way to raise funds without our permission. Please contact us for any queries:

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7 Fundraiser projects

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