Back to School for Mandela Day

This Mandela Day, Adopt-a-School Foundation is running a collective campaign throughout July and August, encouraging corporates and individuals to support learners who have been impacted by COVID-19, with ICT packs to encourage teaching and learning.  This year has been a particularly challenging one for schools and learners, especially in disadvantaged areas where distance learning is simply not a viable option. Aligned to the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s focus areas and the National Development Plan Goal 1 that states, provision of quality education for all children. There has been lost schooling time – the Foundation encourages excellence in learning and teaching and therefore to support learners with lost time and to support learners whom cannot access the physical school environment due to comorbidities Learners who cannot return to school are also not be left behind. We need to ensure that they continue to remain positively engaged and learning whilst at home.

We are calling on all South Africans to purchase support packs for learners who cannot return to school, to provide them with all the resources they need to learn effectively at home.
We need your assistance to purchase these packs for learners to go back to school, whilst staying safe at home. 

Leaner support packs:
Grade R to 4 learner support packs:

Tablets with cover Earphones Fleece jacket, 1l hand sanitiser, Two children’s face masks and water bottle, Stationery set, including (Crayons, Colouring pencils, Colouring-in books, Safety scissors, Playdough and Workbooks)

Grade 5 to 12 learner support packs:
Tablet with cover and insurance, USB with pre-loaded off-line content, micro USB 2.0 adapter, earphones, book light, study guides, fleece jacket, 1l hand sanitiser, two face masks, Desktop stationery set, including pens, pencils, ruler, scissors, tape, staples, stapler remover, eraser and sharpener.

It would incredible if you could consider supporting a learner, a grade or a school.



  1. Stephanie Ngozichukwuka

    22 July

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