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Become a fundraiser and activate your community or donate towards the Awethu Club so that the Adolescent Youth Friendly Space (AYFS) can keep its doors open in 2019. The AYFS is situated in Philippi, South Africa. It is a safe, creative space for vulnerable youth that has increased the HIV testing amongst youth from 10% to 30%. A milestone in a community where every 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men have HIV. The core funding ends with the closing of 2018. 

Donate monthly (or once-off) to help us keep the space running and you will be part of the Awethu Club, a group of dedicated changemakers investing in empowering youth for a brighter future. You will play a vital role in ensuring a safe, creative space for youth in Philippi continues to exist.

The aim of the AYFS is to provide a space for vulnerable youth to meet and access services in a friendly environment free of judgement. There are various different programs running at the AYFS that the youth can join after school. There is HIV testing, HIV knowledge sessions, sexual reproductive health knowledge sessions and support, counselling, family planning services, LGBTQ support and computers with WiFi for homework and research. There are also creative programmes that include art, theatre, music, dancing, and DJ lessons. 

Amandla Development, CESVI Foundation and Sizakuyenza are in partnership to strengthen the capacity of community structures and networks to prevent HIV infection, unintended pregnancies, school dropout and other poverty-related issues youth in Philippi face. It is one a large task and we need all the help we can get. You can make a difference by donating or fundraising on our behalf. Here is a STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE of how to set up a fundraising page. 

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2 Fundraiser projects

Dusty Ray Bottoms and Amandla Development

By Dusty Ray Bottoms

I want nothing more than to raise funds to keep the youth friendly space open in 2019. I hope you...

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Spread the Love this Holiday Season

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Please share your joy and love this holiday season

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