Education, Enterprise and Athlete Development

Endurocad is aiming to raise funds to support 40 South African athletes on our program. Funds will go towards assisting athletes with education, skills and athletic needs, to ensure that they develop holistically

Our focus has shifted towards including more girls  and developing local talent. We launched the “Get our girls to Gold last year which focuses onidentify young female athletic talent through High Performances Skills and Assessment camps.  Developing the athletes athletic ability is as important to us as developing their careers and raising their profiles. We do this by providing athletes with both athletic training and other life skills training to ensure they develop holistically. Through the program the girls are empowered , gain character strengths, increase skills and readiness that promote success in distance running and academic careers.

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    Dugald Robertson

    R15,500 raised

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    Elana Meyer

    R11,800 raised

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    Charles Warren-Codrington

    R11,407 raised

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    Janet Welham

    R10,610 raised

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    Mari Rabie

    R4,990 raised

19 Fundraiser projects


  1. Johannes Vlok

    15 October

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    25 September 2018

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    22 September 2018

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Fundraiser projects

19 Fundraiser projects

First time Marathon

By Gerda Hayes

I am doing the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon on Sunday as a challenge for my own endurance and to sup...

30% Completed
R300 raised
R1,000 Target

From zero to London Marathon in 9 weeks for Endurocad.

By Mari Rabie

Endurocad's "Getting our Girls to Gold" campaign identifies young SA female athletic talent - th...

33.2666666666667% Completed
R4,990 raised
R15,000 Target

Running the 2018 London Marathon for the Endurocad

By Charles Warren-Codrington

I am running the 2018 London Marathon to raise funds and generate awareness for Endurocad's Athle...

76.0466666666667% Completed
R11,407 raised
R15,000 Target

Running London Marathon to raise funds for Endurocad

By Dugald Robertson

I am running the London Marathon to assist Endurocad facilitate access to athletic facilities for...

100% Completed
R15,500 raised
R15,000 Target