Asiye eTafuleni

Asiye eTafuleni (AeT) has been bringing communities together and enhancing the lives of informal workers for over 10 years. Through inclusive processes, the passionate AeT team works towards building a better, more sustainable urban future for everyone at the table. (Asiye eTafuleni means ‘bring it to the table’ in isiZulu, and is colloquially understood to mean ‘let’s negotiate’).

Through the years AeT has established unparalleled local knowledge, trust, networks and credibility. AeTs approach is to see projects through their full life cycle; there are few organizations that have the capacity to do research, advocacy, education, design, as well as implementation. AeTs ongoing engagement with informal workers and the office’s close proximity to Warwick Junction has enabled the organization to not only be proactive in terms of advancing the socio-economic rights of informal workers and implementing urban design improvements to their workspaces but also responsive to any immediate challenges that have arisen. This contributes to the creation of inclusive urban environments that support sustainable livelihoods for informal workers, and ones that are vibrant and culturally important for the entire city.

Although AeTs main focus has been on Warwick Junction, its influence is in fact far wider; AeT plays an influential role in challenging cities worldwide to develop creative and integrated approaches to the informal economy. AeT has been recognised locally and internationally for its relevance and innovation. We were a finalist for the 2019 WRI Ross prize for Cities for ‘igniting transformative change’ in Durban, South Africa. To view AeTs key milestones 2008 - 2018, click here.

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