On 7th-9th August 2020 Aruna Yoga and Waves for Change will be collaborating to offer a programme for the mentors of W4C in Cape Town, South Africa. The tailor made programme will provide numerous yoga tools and techniques that can be integrated into daily life as a way of creating an internal support system to cope with the challenges that life may bring. The tools are inspired by yoga and are adapted to be relevant, accessible and integrated so that the participants of the programme go home empowered with ways to stay still when the waves of life get stormy.  We will blend and share the tools that W4C offers with the yoga tools of Aruna Yoga so that there is an enrichment of life tools made available to the participants.The goal of the programme is to empower the participants with tools that can be shared and offered as a viral infusion for the communities most needing support in times of challenge.

We need YOUR support to do this!
Our goal is to raise $25,000 to be able to fly, accommodate and host a group of mentors, so that they can be taught the training programme, be given the embodied consciousness in a way that can then be passed on easily to their peers and communities.

Our teachers, trainers and team are doing this work as an offering of their hearts in service to healing. They are not being remunerated for their time or expenses but in order to offer this programme we do need your financial support to make it happen!

Introducing Aruna Yoga and Waves for Change:

Aruna Yoga is a practice of yoga and awareness designed to help the practitioner integrate body, breath, emotional presence and heightened awareness into daily life. Aruna is a way to embody this open awareness into all areas of life, to provide tools to cultivate non judgement and self acceptance, and to be able to use the yoga practices as needed in daily life. It focuses on releasing blocked emotions using the body, breath and awareness in a targeted way to access and release difficult emotions, stress and trauma. Tools are given to be accessible as and when the emotions arise and to be applied to life as needed. 

By releasing the emotional blocks through the yoga practice, an opening is made possible at both physical and emotional levels. The awareness is then directed within, which cultivates a deep, inner connection. Aruna Yoga is premised on giving tools to become increasingly aware and using that awareness in every aspect of life as it unfolds. In this way Aruna is an embodied consciousness, one which provides tools to guide us to our personal freedom, to the stillness and presence that is at our very essence.

By fusing the rush of Surfing with evidence-based mind/body therapy, W4C provides a child-friendly mental health service to vulnerable and differently-abled youth living in under-resourced communities. Through access to safe spaces, caring mentors, and a provision of weekly surf therapy sessions, W4C gives children skills to cope with stress, regulate behaviour, build healing relationships, and make positive life choices. 

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