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  1. Timbavati Private Nature Reserve 28 July 2022

    Hi Gary and RichSusie, Thank you for your questions. This fund's main priority is to support Anton's family as they have lost the main breadwinner of their household. The Timbavati will be placing raised funds into a Trust account for the family to ensure they are fully supported. In time, we also aim to have Anton's vision of inspiring young people who want to become wildlife guardians and rangers an opportunity to study further. But this will only be at a much later stage. Priority is his family support. We hope this answers your questions.

  2. RichSusie Prangley 28 July 2022

    I agree with Gary - more detail needed on where funds will be used pls? For the reserve? anti-poaching? Mzimba Family support? Community projects?

  3. Gary Payn 28 July 2022

    Hi there. I have already donated, but would like to know clearly before I share the link for donations what the funds will be used for. Please could you be more specific. Thank you.


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    19 November 2022

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    19 November 2022

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    18 November 2022

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