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Christel House SA Alumni Giving

Through collective action, we can continue the cycle of giving. Christel House SA has given us the opportunity to transform our lives. The care, compassion and understanding we received at school, coupled with the character-based, career-focused education made possible by Christel DeHaan and generous donors, shaped us into the self-sufficient, successful young adults we are today. Now is our chance to give back and help a student receive the same opportunities we had. The value of a scholarship for one student for 2022 is R69,775. Make a significant difference in a student’s life by donating and providing them with a full scholarship for one year.

• once-off
• or monthly
• and get the companies you work for involved by encouraging donations so that we can continue to pay it forward

“To care, to share, to make a difference” – Christel DeHaan

South African donors will receive a Section 18A tax-deductible certificate.

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  1. Marina Hall

    17 December 2021

  2. Louise de Marillac

    16 December 2021

  3. Althea

    9 December 2021

6 Donations