PAST is proud of our global public understanding campaign, All From One. This powerful initiative is built on the fact that over 3,000,000,000 years before we began archiving history, we had one common ancestor that we share with all living things. People everywhere also shared a common ancestor much more recently, a fact reflected in the remarkably strong, 99.9%, similarity of any two people’s genetic make-up, regardless of their appearance and where they come from. We take our responsibility to engender public understanding of our shared origins with the seriousness it deserves, because it directly confronts with conclusive scientific facts two of the greatest challenges facing societies everywhere: discrimination, particularly that based on race, and the rapid, human-induced loss of natural environments and biodiversity. All From One also promotes African pride and dignity, for humankind’s shared origins lie in exclusively Africa.

Are our shared origins in the very remote, prehistoric past really important? Think of it this way. If we were to ignore life’s prehistory, it would be like a 40-year old adult overlooking all the knowledge gained during their lifespan and basing all their decisions on the last half hour of their life.

We cannot ignore what 3.8 billion years of Life on Earth has taught us. We simply must use it to benefit humankind’s future. You can help us achieve this by giving now.

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