Aksel Erik Cappelen Otterbeck

Aksel always introduced himself first and made others feel included, and introduced them to everybody as if they were an old friend. He made sure he welcomed them into the group with open arms, making them feel comfortable with his big eyes and warm heart. He was always persuading people to go and sing karaoke at the local bar with him, and then made all the locals leave as they sang "Time of My Life" so loudly, yet so awfully. No matter how busy his social life was, Aksel made sure all the tasks at hand were completed, even offering to do the dirtier jobs when nobody else would. He never failed to make the other volunteers laugh, whether he had locked his keys in his room for the third time in 24 hours or whether he had told them a joke that was too clever for the others to grasp the punchline. He was a talented surfer and always left his fellow volunteers feeling amazed when he managed to catch the bigger waves. Aksel's sophistication beyond his years provided him with dreams and he spoke proudly of his plans of getting grants for his research and development to achieve his ultimate goal of winning a Nobel Prize in physics. He even joked that he would open a restaurant here in Cape Town and the future volunteers could eat there for free. Aksel's passion for helping others was apparent as he played with the children at Wings of Hope Educare. The children loved playing with his long dark hair, twisting it into different creations--there would always be a group of children surrounding him on the step in a huddle of laughter. Aksel embodied what a volunteer should be. Compassionate, creative, social--the list goes on. There are no words to describe how grateful we are to have had Aksel as a part of our family, and the legacy of the time he spent with us will live on.

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