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The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has successfully positioned itself as the leading animal welfare organisation in Cape Town South Africa. The organisation currently employs 138 employees providing services in a high volume facility that sees up to 45 000 cases that come through our gates per year.

More than 60% present as moderate to severe cases. At the heart of this significant caseload, the Inspectorate, Hospital, Veterinarians, Support Staff and Animal Welfare Assistants demonstrate the capability to scale, oversee, manage and execute high volume operations without comprising quality.

Daily, our Inspectors face challenging, intimidating and often threatening situations where animals are at risk or in distress. We need to ensure that we keep our inspectors on the road and in the frontline of the fight against animal cruelty.

Our Hospital continues to render excellent primary animal welfare services and also pioneering animal orthopaedic surgery. The ongoing clinical interventions from our Facility mitigate as well as treat life- threatening disease such as Canine parvovirus, while our Mobile Clinics are a critical component of our commitment to deliver care to those most in need. Our Hospital saw 39 019 cumulative clinical cases in the past year of which 30 314 (77.7%) were outpatients attending same day service at the clinic, the remaining 8 705 (22.4%) were admitted for further veterinary workup and treatment.

Animal Care Centre ensured that 80% of adoption applications that passed their home inspection resulted in successful adoptions.

We have launched a few initiatives to raise critical funds to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 and to augment our operations. We look forward to the growth of income in our retail sector from our Vet, Online and Charity Shops, positioned within the digital landscape.

In the coming years, we aim to expand our Inspectorate services and increase their footprint to reduce the incidence of animal cruelty in our area of operation.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is not government funded, and our work on the front lines in the fight against animal cruelty would not be possible with the support of our donors.

Animal Cruelty Must Stop. No Animal Should Suffer




  1. Ryde Jones

    1 September 2022

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