Southern-Africa Food Security invites the more effective teaching of sustainable agriculture at ground level.

Lingering obstacles related to community, markets, cooperatives and skills require more effective church, missions, NGO, government and economic cooperation in sub-Sahara Africa. Results among ground level societies in Africa must be continually improved.

A new, stronger and better equipped mobile trainer is needed to visit rural tribal areas to teach conservation agriculture, micro enterprise and development cooperatives while stimulating the vast potential for national and international markets, partners and investors.

A Land Cruiser diesel and field caravan opening on one side, as converted to serve as a field office and classroom stage, donated and converted or custom built, is our next objective on the way through Southern-Africa towards a mission harbour at Yakusu (DR Congo/ Congo River, near Kisangani) for sustainable evangelism, agricultural education and medical mission on the Congo River too.

In the meantime, while thanking your for such kind and generous donation for this continuous mobile field trainer project, we request your prayer, intercession and communication with the international church and the government in the DR Congo (Eastern DRC's north and south Kivu regions), for open roads and open trade, unhindered in the northern SADC region please!

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