AfrIPEN Institutional membership

True to the nature of a consensus-based partnership, institutions are encouraged to pay this very reasonable annual membership fee (ZAR 1150) to help cover the basic expenses of AfrIPEN, which is to:

Supporting this collective effort will enable:

  • Collaborators to do what none of our institutions can do on our own,
  • your institution to benefit from everyone's collaborative effort
  • your institution to be socially accountable in helping to establish IPE in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Your institution to share and celebrate in the success and breakthroughs.

Please pay your 2019 institutional membership fee before the deadline of 30 April 2019

Step 1:
Request an invoice from AFRIPEN

Step 2:
Mrs Paula Jardim ( will email a pro-forma invoice to you. Please confirm via return email if the pro-forma invoice is correct.

Step 3:
Mrs Jardim will email the final invoice to you for payment after receiving your confirmation email.

Step 4:
Please pay your membership fee (ZAR 1150) with a credit card via this secure online GivenGain portal, as it makes the administrative process so much easier. You could consider to pay with your credit card and then reclaim the funds from your institution: 

Step 5:
Once payment is done, please email the PROOF OF PAYMENT to



  1. Lovemore Sibanda

    30 April

  2. Sibonginkosi Sibanda

    30 April

  3. Elize Archer

    29 March

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