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African Children Reading and Writing Storybooks

Saide’s African Storybook initiative provides open access to picture storybooks in the languages of Africa, for children’s literacy, enjoyment and imagination. To reduce users’ data costs, African Storybook has created a Reader App, downloadable from app stores. The Reader App is like a library in your pocket – storybooks can be added to the library and read offline. We have also developed the African Storybook Maker App, which is freely downloadable and can be used offline. The App makes storybook creation and publishing possible using only a mobile phone or tablet, and is especially useful in contexts with connectivity challenges. The Maker App is like a publisher in your pocket, enabling users to write, illustrate, and publish their own storybooks. In this way, they can read and write offline using the same device. Our use of an open license means that it is possible to create enough storybooks in all African languages so that children can improve their literacy practices.



  1. Gordon Woods

    23 June 2022

  2. 暁雄

    21 May 2022

  3. Jennifer Brunner

    27 April 2022

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