Promises are easy to make. They are made by politicians running for office across the world.

But how many of them are kept once the ballots are counted and victory parades are over?

As a citizen, you have the right to know whether the promises your president or prime minister made to get elected have actually been kept.

What will the African Election Promise Tracker help you do?

  1. Log and track promises made by presidents elected in 4 African countries on a dedicated website,
  2. Let you know if those promises have been kept or broken,
  3. Enable you to advocate for greater transparency and accountability in your country.

Support our Crowdfunding Campaign running from 23 October to 15 December 2017.

All donations made from South Africa qualify for a tax deduction, for which Africa Check will issue a Section 18A tax certificate.


Donate up to $20: Thank you letter from the Africa Check team.

Donate between $21-$50: Thank you letter from the Africa Check team and fact-checking verdict stickers.

Donate between $51-$100: Thank you letter from the Africa Check team, fact-checking verdict stickers and fridge magnet.

Donate $100 or more: Thank you letter from the Africa Check Team, fact-checking verdict stickers, fridge magnets and tote bag.

Donate $500 or more: A handwritten thank you letter and call from Africa Check’s Executive Director/Deputy Director, fridge magnet, tote bag and pen.

By donating to the campaign, you will be among the first to view and comment on the African Election Promise Tracker tool

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