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In remote rural communities, schools are often overlooked and chronically under resourced – owing mostly to governments that are typically over-committed. Africa Foundation has made school development and improvement a priority since the organisation was founded.

Active in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya, we have to date built over 200 classrooms. Our school support does not end with classrooms. We support schools to develop the complete infrastructure required to optimise the learning opportunities of young people.

Our assistance enables schools to:

  • Serve nutritious meals to students, through the provision of equipped kitchens and dining halls.
  • Create a healthy hygienic learning environment with the addition of ablutions and EnviroLoos.
  • Offer the best quality of teaching through the provision of on-site accommodation for teachers, and admin blocks for lesson preparation and staff training.
  • Encourage children to remain enrolled at school, despite numerous barriers, such as socio-economic pressures at home, and long distances to walk, by providing on-site boarding facilities.
  • Deliver the curriculum to a high standard, and prepare students well for the job market, by supporting the development of science labs and media centres at high schools.

We have numerous education projects taking place. You can support the projects that are closest to your heart, by indicating to us the country you are most interested in, or the education level, and we will work with you to ensure that your donation reaches a project that you are passionate about.

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