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Children are the future and teaching them about conservation at a very young age will create awareness and respect for the natural world and responsible behaviour towards ensuring a healthy and vibrant world for them to enjoy as adults.

Teaching conservation to the next generation is important as attitudes and respect for the Earth’s natural resources begins at an early age.

Awareness and respect for conservation when children are young will lead them to be proactive adults concerned about the welfare of their environment and the world they live in.

The Oceans Alive Conservation Trust 'Adopt a School' Project aims to sponsor and provide young learners with unique and very special awareness and educational experiences to learn about Marine Life and Coastal Environments, and the Ocean.

Oceans Alive Conservation Trust sponsored all the Addington Primary School learners to be able to visit uShaka Marine World in 2022. All 1480 school pupils were given the opportunity to visit the uShaka Marine World Aquarium in collaboration with the SAAMBR Education Centre to learn about marine life and how we are all connected with the Ocean.

SAAMBR has a long standing relationship with Addington Primary School, which is right next door to uShaka Marine World, but that was the first time that they have managed to secure a wholly sponsored visit for every single child in the school.

Oceans Alive Conservation Trust is proud to have been in a position to work with SAAMBR to make this special visit possible. Our vision for 2023 is to expand our 'Adopt a School Project' to include more schools and reach many more children.

SAAMBR believes in equipping our future decision makers and custodian change agents with information and inspiration to care about people and the planet, a vision which is shared by Oceans Alive Conservation Trust.With your help, together we can teach and inspire children to respect the natural world and grow up to live in harmony with the environment. 

We thank you for donating to this very special project. 

Children are the future and it is critically important that they know about the natural world and are able to be part of conversation efforts and contribute towards future conservation solutions. 

A dedicated Oceans Alive Conservation Trust bank account was opened specifically to support donations for Oceans Alive Conservation Trust projects

Subject to qualification, Corporate Social Responsibility donations may be awarded a SARS Section 18A Tax Certificate in South Africa.

Dedicated project bank account details for 'eft' payment contributions and donations.

Oceans Alive Conservation Trust
Account Number: 63022056518
Commercial Account Services
Branch Code: 210554

Oceans Alive Conservation Trust is a Registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organization
Non-Profit Organization Registration No. 2019/534595/08
Public Benefit Organization (Section 18A) Reference No. 930067816
Income Tax Reference No. 9443698197
VAT Registration No. 4160289023
CSD Supplier No. MAAA0968460

Caring for our Oceans and Coastal Environments through Research, Conservation, Protection, Community Awareness, Social Upliftment, Education and Global Action.

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Website: www.ocean-alive.org

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