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We would like to Thank you in advance for your generosity and for helping to be part of this good cause.

Abofra Foundation is very joyful to announce our ICT /Art Project Building Centre to all our Stakeholders which will include Classrooms, Library, Playing ground, Accommodation Hall and Offices.

Abofra Foundation is  registered (DSW /7101) non-profit organization in Ghana providing Free Computer Training to deprived children in Ghana from the ages of 6-17 years. Our mission is for every child in Ghana must have access to Basic I.C.T Education especially the deprived.

We are raising money to build our Free ICT /Art Project Building Centre that will empower deprived children in the Adentan District in Ghana. Thus raising the next #stevejobs, #billgates  #Pablo Picasso to solve problems in their communities through I.C.T training /Art

Since our official establishment a year and half ago, over 100 deprived student have benefited and more to be empowered. Currently we operate from a single room(12 by 12 square size) we rent each year where all children learn and also office activities take place. There are occasions we come out in the open to able to advance our activities when is a busy day which happens often.

The need for expansion is urgent. Good news is we have a full plot of land registered for the construction of our proposed Abofra ICT /Art Project Building Centre Facilities includes Classrooms, Library, Hall, Accommodation for volunteers,and Offices etc. We welcome all amount of donations.

Our  fundraising is in two Phase/parts.
$50,000 as our Part 1 set target  will help:

  1. Grading and site preparation
  2. Foundation construction
  3. Building construction to lintel
  4. Framing
  5. Installation of windows and doors
  6. Siding
  7. Electrical
  8. Plumbing
  9. HVAC
  10. Insulation
  11. Drywall
  12. Underlayment ... etc

Photos of our Free ICT /Art Project Building Centre progress will be updated on here. For more information or other great ways to assist, kindly write us at

Below is Abofra Foundation's Official Bank Account information if you want to donate
directly to Us. Thank you.

Account Name: Abofra Foundation
Bank: Access Bank (Ghana) Limited
Account Number: 0101723576731
Swift Code: ABNGGHAC
Branch: Madina - Accra, Ghana

Kindly follow our social media platforms for our activities.



Thank you for being part of a good cause!

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