For 15 Years, Christel House has been Transforming the lives of no only the learners coming to school, but also the lives of their parents, teachers, staff and everybody who came into contact with this wonderful organization.

Being an independent school set up with the mission of “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty”, every single day has been and also will be directed at fulfilling this mission for the children who need our help the most. Children who are surrounded by the social demons of violence, gangsterism, abuse and drugs.

It is our strong belief that the best way to achieve that is a holistic approach to education. We are taking children by buses from their Townships to the school. We provide Nutritious meals in our Canteen to each learner, provide uniforms, books, Dell tablets and have Doctors, Therapists & Counsellors to work with the issues our children face. We build self esteem to overcome the "culture of failure". We include Sports, Art and Culture to build the “Total Person” who has the “Grit” which they need to succeed when coming from such environments. We also use innovative teaching methods and
modern technology to make sure our students learn the skills that will make them employable in today’s economy.

In the 15 Years that Christel House has been running, we were able to admit over a thousand children. We have enjoyed consistent academic success with 100% NSC pass rate and 85% achieving Bachelor passes. 95% of all our Graduates are either studying at 3rd Level Universities or gainfully employed.

We are proud of the achieved results. But there is still room to grow. And there are still thousands of children who also deserve the opportunity to live a better life.

That is why we need Your support! :)


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