Around the world Amphibians, (which as well as frogs, also include the
salamanders and caecilians although we don't have any of the latter in South
Africa), are disappearing! This should set off some serious alarm bells as
these fascinating animals are good indicators of environmental health,
veritable canaries in the coal mine for freshwater ecosystems if you like. And
we do all like freshwater. Frogs are also really important sources of
food to a vast array of other animals and they do us a huge favour by consuming loads pest insects. They are right in the middle of the food chain, and without them, the rest of us could be in trouble!

The EWT's Threatened Amphibian Programme highlights the Critically
Endangered Pickersgill's Reed Frog as a flagship for wetland conservation. This tiny critter is known only from around 25 wetlands along the coastline of
KwaZulu-Natal, and only two of these are protected sites. We are working in the Greater Durban area to rehabilitate four of these priority wetlands through the removal of invasive alien clearing and rehabilitation. In the process, we have created jobs for 65 local community members, who themselves are learning more about wetland biodiversity and the importance of wetlands for protecting our freshwater resources - critical especially during times of drought, but also protection against flooding events - both of which have been recently experienced in Durban.

Your Help will allow us to restore wetland habitat for Pickersgill's Reed
Frog (along with all of his wetland friends) by planting indigenous vegetation,
developing sustainable agriculture practices around wetlands and promoting environmental education at.

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