Support The South African Solar Romance Story

We interact with our retail stores on a daily basis, and the retail sector represent a big part of South Africa's energy consumption.

What if this pressure could be taken off the current grid, what if they all shifted to 100% renewable energy?

Answer: almost 180,000 households could be powered annually. And for the supermarkets, shifting to 100% renewable energy would mean long term electricity costs saving.

Here's to a powerful win-win love story!

Our beloved supermarkets have to commit to a 100% renewable energy target, and develop a short and long term plan showing how they will achieve this. Not only words, concrete actions!

Donate now to push your favorite supermarket to warm up to the sun and embrace the #SolarRomance!

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    31 May 2017

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    4 February 2017

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    7 December 2016

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