Shoes2Move for Wellness

WoW! (WesternCape on Wellness) promotes and activates Healthy Lifestyle Actions to prevent, reduce and better self-manage common chronic diseases.

WoW! is about enabling people to live healthier lifestyles through MOVING – physical activity for health and fun!

WoW! trains volunteers from communities as Champions to start Community Clubs, offering a range of physical activities for people to be healthier and happier through regular and enjoyable

It takes courage to choose a healthier lifestyle, but lots of people who want to start walking and running for better health don’t have and can't afford comfortable, supportive shoes.

Your gift of just R300 will buy a WoW! Club member their very own new pair of exercise Shoes 2 Move!

Through your generous support you can share your enthusiasm for healthy living and help someone less fortunate to make lifestyle changes. Your gift of just R300 will buy a WoW! Club member their very own new pair of exercise shoes.

All donations will make a huge difference to those who are less fortunate to take their first steps for moving towards a healthier life. You are enabling someone without resources to get exercising and become healthy, maybe even train for and participate in a public event such as a Fun Walk or Run! Your gift will make a direct positive health impact!

WoW! is a social health movement to connect and enable people to live healthy lifestyles towards better personal, family, social and national health and wellness.

Be part of the WoW! movement! Be Healthy! Be Happy! Be You! Be WoW!

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  1. Cathie Sherrington

    5 July 2017

  2. Cathie Sherrington

    5 July 2017

  3. Sarah Lowis

    26 June 2017

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