RESCUE IN BULGARIA: Please support the Razgard lions

Just two weeks after one of the male lions was rescue from Razgrad zoo, we are pleased to report that his condition has improved greatly. Under the daily care of experienced staff at Sofia Zoo, where lion Ivan Asen is staying temporarily until he is ready for further travels, he has responded to treatment and seems to feel much better. Medical examinations showed that he has neurological issues and bone deformities, as the result of vitamin A deficiency. This is also the reason for his wobbly walk. In addition, Ivan Asen has kidney issues.
Yet we are helping him to get better with a special diet, as well as treatment with medications and vitamins. Ivan Asen is also encouraged to move so that his muscles get stronger. We will keep you posted!

You can help us to give Ivan Asen the best medical care and support possible. To do this and to provide him with suitable care, we need your help! DONATE NOW!

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  1. Trish Duncan-Brown

    8 December 2017

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    5 December 2017

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    5 December 2017

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