I had been ministering in this vast region for many years. Formally, I'm a pastor with missions assignment, hosted by a small, faithful and loving congregation, which is however not able to contribute much to my income. As is the case with many missionaries, contributors came and went, (some fortunately keeping on!) while my wife is also doing somewhat more than her part to bring food into the house.

At present, my monthly income is around one third of the prescribed notch on our salary scales, putting me on par with someone 30 years my junior. I know you'll understand that we have needs, just like anyone else.

At the same time, I raise funds which benefit hundreds of people, children, evangelists, etc., but none of it meant for me personally.

We believe that, even in these hard times, there are people who are being blessed and who are able to bless, to make it possible for us personally.

If God convinces you to contribute, once off or in a more regular way, Givengain has a secure and reliable transfer facility, on this site. Otherwise, I have a Paypal account, olwage@iway.na or use internet transfer.

The purpose is to complete the work for which the Lord had called me, and to do justice to my household.

You may also become an activist for this cause.

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