The Mamelodi Initiative was started in 2007 as a collaborative effort comprised of individuals who care about the future of the Mamelodi Township and its youth.

While the initiative has been running in some form for the past five years, the programming took form in 2010, where a year-round model was developed and a focus on education was specifically formed. Today, thousands of youth have benefited from programming provided through the initiative.

The coalition offers a variety of engaging opportunities, from computer literacy to sports to holiday camps, all aimed at improving and empowering Mamelodi teens.

The Mamelodi initiative has been running for the last 10 years from the support of volunteers, friends and partners who believe in the work we do. For us to continue the great work, and expand to reach more youth in Mamelodi in 2018, we need to raise $60,000/R750,000 to manage all the costs incurred to run our Summer and Winter Jam, Computer Literacy Classes, Youth leadership Council, Revision classes and the staff costs.

Our goal is to raise these funds before the end of December. You can assist us in by donating any amount towards the goal. Sharing this campaign with friends and family. Any Amount you can give transforms the lives of youth.

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