Large Minority Travel - Lanka Campaigns for charity

Large Minority Travel has created charity-driven challenge adventures and events, including the Tuk Tuk adventures Lanka Challenge & Cambo Challenge, which embrace responsible travel. All funds raised will be divided 50/50 between the 2 charities.

The beneficiaries of the Lanka Challenge are:

1. Sri Lanka Red Cross Society - Ampara Branch

Our mission is to reduce risk, build capacity and promote principles and values by mobilizing resources, creating universal access to services through volunteerism and partnership.

Large Minority has supported different SLRCS responsible travel projects since 2009, such as:

  • Providing musical instruments for remote schools.
  • Donation of school equipment, supplies and bicycles.
  • Construction of school classrooms and halls.
  • Donation of water filters, wheelchairs, crutches and tricycles for internal displaced people from the war.

2. Land Owners Restore Rainforests in Sri Lanka (LORRIS)

LORRIS' mission is “restoring Sri Lanka’s natural ecosystems via creating forest corridors with community participation to connect the existing forests for the conservation of endangered Red Slender Loris (Loris tardigradus) and other primates by linking their habitats, encouraging members to carry out exploration and conservation oriented research activities.

To achieve this task LORRIS is working with other organizations with similar aims within the country and globally.

Using the Red Slender Loris as a flagship species LORRIS and Large Minority have initiated several conservation and development programmes such as:

  • School fruit garden development programme
  • Improvement of English activity room and library facility
  • School environmental programme and environmental field trips

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