Hope to vulnerable children begging on the streets


Calitzdorp is a small town with rural communities adjacent to it and as you might know we have an extremely high unemployment rate with the main employment opportunities being only seasonal bound.

The number of children that drop out of school is on the increase and our community has the devastating results of substance abuse (especially Alcohol, Meth and Dagga) that results in children begging on the streets, broken families, deep generational trauma and a vicious cycle of abuse. Unplanned pregnancy, rebellion and behavioural problems presenting in our youth is a devastating result of fatherless homes (the father is either not present or not involved as a healthy
father figure). There is a lack of support/mentoring for fathers and single mothers to break the cycle of fatherless and single parent households.

Support and Mentoring for teens is a great need – not having a strong family foundation and family values push them to take desperate measures and they look to peers for advice about critical life choices.

Attachment therapy is critical as the attachment trauma in their
childhood affects their future relationships (high abuse statistics in our
community speaks for itself due to substance abuse and lack of healthy
parent-to-child attachment and vice versa). Most programs in our community focus on treating the “symptoms” instead of identifying the root of the problem, we hope to change this.

Kidstop is a pilot project. We offer counselling services now for 7 years and have seen the need increase for more specialised services, support and skills development and have since October 2013 started a partnership with Department Social Development to reach adult victims of crime and violence in our community. In this process, we have identified the need for a specific program focussed on the children that beg on the streets of Calitzdorp who haven’t been in mainstream school for more than a year. The Kidstop program has been functioning, with your support, since September 2016 for 2 hours per day (Monday to Friday).


The Kidstop program focus on vulnerable children between the ages of 10 to 17yrs that dropped out of main-stream school more than a year ago and beg on the streets. These children are referred to us by Department Social Development and ACVV.

We offer these children an educational and life skills program with a
meal, care and support as an alternative to being on the streets. Where possible the child is enrolled back into mainstream school with continual support or they form part of the Jubilee Montessori Remedial Program we currently offer at Kidstop. We work with both the child and the family. We invest in them physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually.

We refer to the Department of Social Development and ACVV for statutory purposes/therapeutic intervention and they refer to temporary Safe houses in the Western Cape if needed. We work closely with Kidstop in George, the Western Cape Street Children Forum (WCSCF), Tourism Office, Police, Court, Clinic, Churches, Schools, and other NPO’s or Businesses.


Our goal is to have the vulnerable children (aged 10-17yrs)

currently begging on the streets of Calitzdorp enrolled in the Kidstop Drop-in Centre full-day (the ideal would be from 09h00 to 16h00).

Currently we can only accommodate them for 2 hours due to limited human resources. This will enable us to expand our current services and intervention that will again have a positive impact on Families, Tourism and the Community.


We believe that we have built a good relationship with our supporters and our community.

Our Organisation has a passion to build partnerships with Stakeholders local, national and international to work together for the greater good and positive change of the whole community.

We share the common interest in serving those in crisis and empowering victims / vulnerable children and their families.

The Kidstop program is the highlight of the day for these children. We have seen tremendous growth and behavioral change in the past year.

We have enrolled 3 children back into local schools, unfortunately due to a current lack of support from the school system and Department of Education they have dropped out due to labelling and judgement on past behavior by the school children and Teachers. They now form a part of the Jubilee Montessori Remedial Program. It will take time to educate our schools / community on giving one another a fair second chance. Three other children have been placed at a Safe house / in Foster Care, these children have been enrolled into a school in another area with great success. Families are supported and enrolled in our Gender Based Violence Educational Workshops; Attachment Groups; Therapeutic Groups and Therapeutic Intervention if victim related.



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