UPDATE JAN '18: We've raised 66% of this $40,000 project in 2017, thanks to our generous donors. That means we have enough funds for 160 of the 200 Hippo Rollers that we want to ship from Johannesburg to Port-au-Prince, all equipped with Sawyer water filters. However 200 Hippo Rollers fit in a 20' shipping container, so we want to reach our target! LET'S FUNDRAISE TOGETHER TO ADD ANOTHER 40 ROLLERS! View the Social Impact Infographic.


For several years Haiti has battled a severe drought that was brought on by El-Nino and the problem of water scarcity was only worsened by Hurricane Matthew in 2016 making access to safe drinking water extremely difficult.

  • Women and children spend their days searching for water, much of which is contaminated making the risk of water borne diseases extremely high.
  • The little water that can be found must be carried long distances in heavy buckets leaving little or no time for educational and economical activities.

Many organisations have stepped in to address the issue. Wells are being dug and filtration systems are being set in place at key points but long distances and rough terrain still make water access difficult.

Continued investment on all levels is still needed to re-establish basic humanitarian needs such as food provision, water access, education and sanitation.


Infographic - Our solution

Hippo Roller is an immediate solution to improve water access allowing 5x more water to be carried and it also provides long-term health and social benefits.

With the addition of the Sawyer water filter the Hippo Roller is a highly effective solution to one of the most critical problems faced by the people of Haiti.

  • The ease of access to safe drinking water reduces the risk of water-borne diseases, mortality rate among children, as well as long term back and neck injury.
  • It also promotes hygiene and healthier living conditions.
  • The time and effort saved in being able to access safe drinking water quickly and efficiently provides the people of Haiti more time for education, economical activities, food production and family which are all key to rebuilding a community.


Infographic - Our plan

We are excited to be working with strong local partners in Haiti, namely Water the World, Orphan Grain Train and Help for Haiti. They have good long-term relationships with stakeholders in Haiti and are committed to helping those who struggle with clean water access. With their help the Hippo Rollers will be transported and distributed to the Cite Soleil community.

  • The 200 Hippo Rollers will be manufactured in Johannesburg and will then be packed in a 20 foot container and shipped to Nebraska, USA.
  • From there, Orphan Grain Train will transport the Hippo Rollers overland to Haiti, while Water the World will arrange the supply and delivery of Sawyer Filters.
  • Help for Haiti will be responsible for last mile distribution. Their task will be to identify suitable recipients of the Hippo Rollers, ensure community ownership and provide feedback.

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