Campaign change

Hello Supermoos,

We will be closing this campaign at the end of January 2020. Please may I ask all of you to join the new campaign:

Fundraise with the cows through different events in 2021


Select another Campaign that may apply to you such as Midmar Mile 2021, cows conquering corona or Ride Joburg 2021 

Simply go to your projects tab, on the right hand side select under "manage" select edit. On the edit page under campaign you can select your new campaign and save it :) 

By doing this we are able to see our targets being hit more accurately rather than carrying over totals from previous years :)

If you have any questions or need help, pop me a mail:

Stay safe and stay AMOOZING!!!!




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    NVF Cows

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    Gordon Reid

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    Giles Clinton

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    David Crewe-Brown

    R72,099 raised

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    Richard Laskey

    R63,650 raised

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