Chris Wright - Salvation Army Cyclist

Having grown up in The Salvation Army, I've experienced first-hand the impact it's ministry can have on the lives of people. It's taught me the importance of serving others, to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

This year, I'm going to be riding for The Salvation Army in the hopes that more lives can be reached.

Children have a special place within the ministry of The Salvation Army, and we provide several residential facilities for children in need of care. Our mission is to provide a secure, caring and loving home environment for children who have suffered emotional trauma. We seek to address their need for healing from past hurts, and encourage and nurture a spirit of hope for the future. The children we care for come from all walks of
life and socio-economic backgrounds. Many are from broken homes and have often been exposed to abuse and violence. All these children have
suffered emotional trauma and need a loving and caring environment in
which to live.

Make a donation toward my cause and ease the plight of hundreds of children in South Africa.

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  1. Christopher Wright

    28 December 2017

  2. Alan Borain

    24 November 2017

  3. Rupesh Khusal

    18 November 2017

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