Challenge For Smiles Africa 2017

We are grateful to the organisers of Challenge Regensburg for extending an invitation to us to participate in their prestigious triathlon taking place on 13 August 2017.

We would like to use this opportunity to highlight the plight of many children in South Africa who, because of limited resources, suffer from various facial deformities. Through our participation at Challenge Regensburg we would like raise much needed resources to fund medical procedures that would help ease the suffering and improve the quality for lives of many children in South Africa.

As we push ourselves in preparation for this daunting race, putting in many hours in training, many lifestyle sacrifices and so much more, we ask you to kindly consider making a contribution to this worthy cause.

Every little bit helps especially when all of us pull together.

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  1. Michael Brunner

    28 August 2017

  2. luvuyo bangazi

    12 August 2017

  3. Doreen Ferreira

    7 August 2017

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