HIV peer educators in Springs and Hammanskraal

HIV prevention and care interventions through Peer Educators of Springs and Hammanskraal Field Band Foundation (FBF) members.

Peer educators inform, educate and mobilise FBF members and their families to access HIV counselling and testing and motivate them towards HIV competence.

The challenge is to support, encourage and build these peer educators.

The project aims to strengthen the Springs community in HIV prevention, diagnosing, treatment and care through a partnership with

  • the local Field Band Foundation,
  • local churches,
  • local businesses,
  • the local Department of Health
  • local NGOs involved in HIV programmes.

The two practicing Field Bands are seen as entry points to reach out to the
communities where members live and to build relationships with nearby churches and businesses with the aim to involve them.

Members of the local Field Band Foundation are the first beneficiaries with their families and friends as the immediate community.

health, hiv, peereducators, fieldband, fbf, chabahiva


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    19 June 2017

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    13 May 2016

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