Hope Projects

With your support we are able to empower various communities through various projects. Our work is based on four pillars:

Messages: We identify needs and develop research-based training messages that are relevant and contextually appropriate. We provide these messages in various formats to a variety of audiences in an appropriate format. Messages include evangelism, discipleship, HIV awareness, short term missions, values, church communication and many more.

Training: Believers want to apply their faith, share it and care for others but don’t know how. We want people to believe in themselves like God does:. they have the ability to do anything through the strength of Christ. We enable fellow believers to confidently put your faith into action through appropriate training in evangelism, HIV, values and church communication.

Resources: We use conversation based resources to equip believers.People can simply share Jesus or easily speak about HIV when they have the right tools that support them in conversations. Our resources include our own but also resources sourced from partners.

Mentoring and support: Change happens through ground level involvement. We gain insight into real needs through engaging with local communities. Mentoring, partnership and support to and with local leaders and organisations lead to greater effectiveness of initiatives on ground level.

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