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BRIDGING ABILITIES caters for persons with physical and intellectual disabilities, fostering personal and social development through adapted physical activity (APA). In South Africa there are very few facilities or programs that cater for people with disabilities to be physically active and attain health and wellness, especially in poor communities. Health and Wellness is a basic human right and many people with disabilities do not have access to basic health care. We identified a gap between inpatient rehabilitation and community-based health and wellness and so we started two Community Adapted Physical Activity groups in Macassar and Strand during 2015.

We also run sport and recreation events for youth. These are for schools and centres which specifically cater for children and individuals with disabilities to enjoy various sport and recreational activities. Activities such as sitting volleyball, blind futsal, boccia (a game similar to bowls specifically designed for athletes with a disability affecting locomotor function such as cerebral palsy) and various recreational games such as fun relays are played during the course of the day. A lunch pack is given to each participant before they leave to go home.

Funds given towards the sports camps will be use for: Sports equipment, stationary/office supplies, first aid supplies, water bottles, T shirts for events, transport, lunch packs and professional fees.

Funds given towards the APA community groups will be used for sports and gym equipment, transport and event fees for disability related events, facilitator's transport costs, and training costs.

10% of all donations and/or some of the donations not earmarked for specific purpose will be used for running costs.

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