Did your president promise to build schools? We’ll count the completed class rooms. How has your president done on his commitment to reduce deaths of mothers during childbirth? We’ll look at the statistics and let you know.

Promises are easy to make. They are made by politicians running for office across the world.

But how many of them are kept once the ballots are counted and victory parades are over?

As a citizen, you have the right to know whether the promises your president or prime minister made to get elected have actually been kept.

Every donation will bring us one step closer to building the African Election Promise Tracker, which will:

  • log and track promises made by presidents elected in 4 African countries on a dedicated website,
  • let you know if those promises have been kept or broken,
  • enable you to advocate for greater transparency and accountability in your country.

Invite your family and friends to help make the African Election Promise
Tracker a reality.

Support our Crowdfunding Campaign running from 23 October to 30 November 2017

All donations made from South Africa qualify for a tax deduction, for which Africa Check will issue a Section 18A tax certificate.

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