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In South Africa, while Corona is killing people, millions are starving because of lockdown.

Although a lot of poor people are sitting at home watching TV and waiting for the government to hand food parcel out, there are a few glimmers of hope.

One of these is the African Honey Bee project where poor rural families are producing food and earning money during COVID 19.

These communities are proving resilient to the crisis because 1) they have hope in Christ and 2) they realise that they have been given all the assets (resources, abilities and knowledge) by God to change their own lives.

African Honey Bee now wants to trial its method during this pandemic as a form of humanitarian action.

We want to help 1400 vulnerable families start producing their own food and be fed by the Word of God.

Our training material can be viewed and shared on www.africanhoneybee.co.za

Please help us prove the saying, that if you teach a man to fish doesn't work unless you teach him to make a fishing rod first.

You can contribute to the project by donating here

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  1. Piet Muller

    20 June 2020

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    20 June 2020

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    20 June 2020

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