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By Yusuf Mahamed

We are cycling the 94.7 CC under the banner of corruption watch in the aim to raise money in order to fight corruption in South Africa.

5.16666666666667% Completed
R155 raised

By Sherwin Salmaan Thomas

Hi Potential Donor, I'm cycling the 94.7 challenge to raise funds for this imp. institution that seeks ethical change in our society. Pls donate.

16.6666666666667% Completed
R500 raised

By Rachid Souilek

Riding for Corruption Watch to help raise funds as they fight against corruption in South Africa.

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By Azhar Hassen

A cyclist riding for a purpose hoping to making a difference with the fight against corruption in South Africa.

southafrica, corruption, corruptionwatch, breakthecycle, cc2018, corruptionwatchdogs

By Saleh Fakir

Corruption affects us all one way or another, and I am riding to stop that cycle and hope for a better South Africa.

By Mohammed Desai

I am riding to help raise funds for Corruption Watch which is the NGO that fights against corruption in South Africa.

By Ebrahim Ahmed

Stop corruption

By Mahmood Moosa

Raising funds in order to rid corruption in all spheres of society

33.3333333333333% Completed
R1,000 raised

By Noel Smouse

Raising funds to stop corruption

By Aadil & Zainab Vally

Riding for the fight against corruption, in the hope of breaking the cycle.

58.3333333333333% Completed
R1,750 raised
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