Break the cycle of corruption

Welcome to Corruption Watch's fundraising page for the 2018 Telkom 94.7 Cycle challenge.

We are a non-profit organisation launched in 2012 in response to the alarming scale of corruption in South Africa. Our aim is to rally the public against corruption. To date, we have received over 24 000 complaints alleging corruption throughout the country.

While we do investigate some of these cases, a large part of our activities focus on advocacy, policy and legislative work, public education, outreach programs, campaigns, and raising people’s awareness of corruption.

The fight against corruption is one that requires concerted effort. Our tactics as an organisation are dictated by the reports we receive from the public. We amplify these voices and act in the interest of ordinary citizens. We need YOUR support in order to rollout our anti-corruption programmes far and wide.

At this year’s Telkom 94.7 Cycle Challenge, we are breaking the cycle of corruption with a particular focus on corruption in health, schools, mining and the police services.

Help sustain our anti-corruption efforts all year long by joining our monthly giving programme from as little as R20 per month and challenge only THREE people to do the same.

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Corruption Watch Team 

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    Luke Kirsten

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    Mahmood Moosa

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Fundraiser projects

12 Fundraiser projects

Break the Cycle of Corruption

By Yusuf Mahamed

We are cycling the 94.7 CC under the banner of corruption watch in the aim to raise money in orde...

5.16666666666667% Completed
R155 raised
R3,000 Target

94.7 Corruption Watch Break the Cycle - Challenge

By Sherwin Salmaan Thomas

Hi Potential Donor, I'm cycling the 94.7 challenge to raise funds for this imp. institution th...

16.6666666666667% Completed
R500 raised
R3,000 Target

Rider for Corruption Watch

By Rachid Souilek

Riding for Corruption Watch to help raise funds as they fight against corruption in South Africa.

0% Completed
R0 raised
R3,000 Target

Corruption Watch Rider

By Azhar Hassen

A cyclist riding for a purpose hoping to making a difference with the fight against corruption in...

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R3,000 Target