What is a #5ForChangeMaker ? 

#5ForChangeMakers are people who are empowered by 5 For Change's vision of advancing social change in South Africa and want to stand up and support our beneficiaries directly. You can do this by answering any of their 'calls to action' on their wish lists. You will see these opportunities include using your skills, time, networks and resources to make a change. 

For those of you who would like to contribute financially towards anything on the beneficiaries' wish list or to the beneficiaries' work in general, please do so below. When giving to a specific beneficiary or purpose, please be SURE to include a note with your donation in the space provided to ensure your donation is allocated appropriately. 

All #5ForChangeMakers that are successfully matched with a wish list item (always subject to approval from the beneficiaries) will receive a free pair of tickets to 5 For Change's 2018 Black Tie Gala in Joburg and social media shout-outs in gratitude upon completion of their task. In addition, we will be choosing 5 financial donors from this page (and maybe more!) at random to receive free pairs of tickets to the 5 For Change Black Tie Gala. Winners will be contacted directly and announced on social media.

Thank you for making a change!

See 5 For Change website for further information.

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  1. Jeanne Harris

    24 July 2017

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    24 July 2017

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    6 July 2017

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