Last year we reached our goal of 25 places operating our School in a Box product, and thius year we want you to help us to get 5 young men and women open their own iLearning Centres ( they will be able to offer the children in their communities academic support at less than R5 per lesson, and generate their own sustainable income at the same time. Each franchise will aim to have 100 students by the end of their first year.

Each Franchise costs R73 000, which includes stipends for the entrepreneurs in the early stages, as well as marketing materials, uniforms, training, support, signage and all the equipment they need to run a tablet-based iLearning Centre.

By donating, you'll also get a tax certificate allowing you to deduct this donation from your taxable income!

Help us give these children a fighting chance of escaping the poverty cycle, as we teach them that #hardworkpaysoff!

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