Three Peaks Fun Challenge is a simple hike up Lion’s Head, Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain which takes place over three days, on the 4th, 5th and 6th of October respectively. 

If all three summits seem to be out of reach for one weekend, you’re welcome to join in on any one of the three days. This is a personal, fun challenge and everyone is free to hike the peaks at their own pace with a mission to get to the top, to experience the breath-taking views of Cape Town’s unique beauty and celebrate the animals who share our world with us.

To help us conserve our natural wildlife, which so often, us city folk take for granted, are we are asking hikers to donate R350 each.

The funds raised will go directly to supporting the our Wildlife department , who tirelessly spend every day rescuing and rehabilitating all kinds of wildlife in Cape Town.

Each hiker who donates will receive a LIMITED edition SPCA branded moisture management tee and peak cap to wear on their hike.

 Together with your help we can achieve our goal of preventing animal cruelty and improving the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves.

For more information please contact awareness@spca-ct.co.za








  1. Carine Michiels

    29 September 2019

  2. Clive Kairuz

    19 September 2019

  3. Dimitri Stroinovsky

    11 September 2019

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