2nd Annual Lekubu Village Youth Awareness Fitness Culture

The Bright Minds Developmental Forum BMDF is a youth focused organization which mainly focus in Sports development, Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness Culture. The organization is formed​ and founded by 5 members which are from different sections in the community by looking at what the Community needs most. We are situated in the North West Province in Lekubu/Braklaagte Village a rural area just 21KM from Zeerust town. In Sports development we focus on talent exposure and polishing the exposed ones. On healthy lifestyle we focusing on giving young people the education on how to live a productive life and to give more information on HIV/AIDS since our mandate is to have an HIV free generations. The last category is Fitness that focuses from earlier age of 15 years and elderly age we believe in keeping fit for the body to drive away illnesses. We at Bright Minds Developmental Forum intend hosting the 2nd Annual Lekubu Village Youth Awareness Fitness Culture and Games on the 10th August 2019 where we will be opening with a 5KM fun walk and fun run then followed by mini-program with motivational quotes then fitness session and then soccer and netball games. All the participating schools will be local Mokgakala High School Soccer defending Champions, newly recruited Banabakae Primary, Malebelele Primary and neighbouring high school Phakedi High School the defending netball championship. Through sponsorship we would be able to get Kits for the winning Soccer, netball teams and to buy all netball and soccer equipments (Nets, cones, corner flags and balls for both) Your kind assistance will be highly appreciated.

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