261 Fearless GivingTuesday: EDUCATION is key to EMPOWERMENT

Education is the key to strengthening and expanding our local women's only 261 Clubs around the world. Each local running club is led by female 261 Coaches. We offer training courses for future and ongoing coaches to learn new techniques and knowledge for healthy running (e.g.: running and menopause, running and the knees, warm-up, etc.) and to gain insights and reflect on their leadership role (e.g.: women in coaching, group dynamics, etc.).

With that in mind, we ask you to please consider donating $26 to 261 Fearless this GivingTuesday and holiday session. A donation of $26 funds one month of ongoing education and support for one 261 Coach. Your generosity can TRANSFORM the life of a coach and the community of female runners which they will TEACH, INSPIRE and EMPOWER.

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  1. Lori Fox


  2. Sam Hart-Thompson

    21 January

  3. Patrick Higgs

    31 December 2021

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