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+256 Youth Platform Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

While the world continues to stay in lockdown to prevent the further spread and death caused by COVID-19, many across the world are faced with further challenges and threats caused by the lockdown itself. Malnutrition and food shortages are now affecting some of the world's most vulnerable, particularly those living below the poverty line.

The youth of +256 Youth Platform are among those affected by increasing food insecurity and food shortages. Many have lost their jobs and their family's source of income, and are not eligible to receive any food rations or support from the government (which is currently being supplied to the elderly only). Access to vital medicines and healthcare has now become unaffordable and further threatened by the total ban on public and private transport.

During this crisis, we are raising emergency funds to provide food, safe water and medicine to each one of our 84 youth members and their families.

Despite the challenges facing the youth, +256 Youth Platform is working with the Iganga District Coronavirus Task Force to support and empower the community to overcome this crisis by constructing tippy taps (local hand washing facilities), and educating about and demonstrating micro-farming (backyard farming). With the ongoing lockdown we are preparing people for the food shortage that has already begun and will continue to worsen. To read more about what our team is doing in response to this crisis, please head to our website: www.256youthplatform.org

Help us provide critical support to our youth by donating today. 

£3 per day, for each young person, supports their entire family to eat, stay healthy and survive this global crisis.

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    9 August 2020

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    5 July 2020

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