Who we are:

Prochorus Community Development exists for the promoting of social development and advancement on both community and individual level.

We have a variety of projects which are all focused towards Youth Development, Early Childhood Development, Skills Development and Poverty Alleviation. We have branches in Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Somerset West and Delft.

1000 x R 50

The most sustainable means of income for any non-profit organisation are monthly debit orders.

This month we are challenging 1000 of our supporters, donors, partners, friends and family to pledge R 50 on a monthly basis for a year.

A collective monthly contribution of as little as R 50 could aid us in taking our impact much further. The extra income will help us upgrade our current projects to provide a better quality service to the beneficiaries. Furthermore it will help us grow our projects to better meet the needs in the areas we operate.

With your collective R 50's we can employ more Rape Counselors to meet this urgent need in Kayamandi.

With your R 50 we can continue to give a meal to our beneficiaries at the Aftercare Centre in Jonkershoek

With your R 50 we can increase the number of food parcels we distribute in Franschhoek

With your R 50 we can train more Early Childhood Development facilitators in Delft

Your little can go a long way...

Pledge to make a monthly contribution of R 50 and take a small step to making a big impact in our communities

For more info about our projects and needs visit: www.prochorus.org or contact tosca.ferndale@prochorus.org

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