Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre
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Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre has a unique holistic approach where we first address the medical and social needs of the patient and then address these needs in relation to the patient and their family. We facilitate continuum of care through partnerships and referrals, thereby further enhancing quality of life.

We have been in operation for over 60 years and the continual increase in our patient numbers indicate the confidence the community has in our service. The communities we serve acknowledge the important role we play in providing accessible, affordable holistic care.

Our staff, many of whom live in our target area, are dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive care of the highest standard.

Our HIV Counselling and testing (HCT) strategy is Provider-Initiated, whereby all patients entering the Centre from any department or entry point are pre-test counselled and then have the option to refuse testing. The entire counselling and testing process is handled by Lay Counsellors.

We maintain high standards of practice in good governance, effective management, optimisation of resources, cost-effectiveness of programmes, successful fundraising and ethical behaviour. We are committed to effective planning, capacity building, organisational development, ensuring that our programmes remain relevant to the needs of the community, developing our staff as well as maintaining and growing our network of partnerships with other NGOs, government, beneficiary communities and donors.

Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre
105 William Nicol Drive
South Africa
Telephone: 27117052438
Registration #: 001-244 NPO
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