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Africaid is a South African non-profit organisation based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal which runs WhizzKids United (WKU), a comprehensive adolescent HIV/AIDS prevention, care, treatment and support programme which uses soccer as a language and medium. WhizzKids United operates mainly in areas of KwaZulu-Natal with some of the highest HIV prevalence figures in the world.

• Deliver excellence in HIV/AIDS prevention, care, treatment and support to youth worldwide through the medium of football (soccer)

• Provide a sustainable, integrated and comprehensive youth health service
• Ensure an environment that nurtures healthy, motivated, confident youth who promote gender equality amongst all
• Design services in partnership with the youth
• Provide quality training, technical expertise and continual evaluation in pursuit of excellence

Core Values
• The need for accountability to ensure that each one of us improves and we succeed as a whole
• A spirit of creativity to address the challenges of our youth and meet our strategic priorities
• A passion to care for our youth and each other
• The mantra of teamwork because we achieve greater results when we work together

Africaid - WhizzKids United
70 Hunt Road
South Africa
Telephone: 27312015866
Registration #: IT 153/2006
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