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Why is it important - to help Ukraine - to help us:

Check out video's from Ukraine.
Check out photo's from Ukraine.
Read a few articles about events in Bucha. 

Ukraine, where we stand today, protects (at least) Europe from an absolute evil.
The only thing that russians bring is death. And you are seriously lucky if it's a quick one.

Every piece of gear that we manage to obtain - doesn't only save lives of Ukrainian people - this gear - saves lives of the entire civilized world.
Which is why it's crucial that we obtain it.

Back in March - I received a txt msg - "Wanted to let you know that today your plate carrier saved a life". 
This plate carrier was worth about ~$30USD. We manufactured quite a few of those.
$30 to save somebody's life - so he or she can carry on - and get people out of trouble? Seriously?

Above is one of the many reasons why we do what we do.

Our two key objectives are pretty simple.

One - get gear Ukraine needs. Just to make sure we save as many lives as humanely possible.

Two - organize PTSD recovery center, since after the war, after our victory against russian "special operation" - this is going to be an extremely hot subject. Right now adrenaline rush, the fact that people are really busy doing stuff - protects their minds. Later on - will be a completely different story. Not just for civilians, for everyone who participated in the whole event.

Fingers crossed we'll get it all sorted!

Thank you kindly for your help in advance! Seriously appreciate it!!!

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Ukranian Santa Clauses
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