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Urban Health Resource Centre is an Indian non-profit organization working towards the mission of bringing about sustainable improvements in the health, nutrition and well being of the urban poor through a concerted effort towards empowering communities, and influencing policies and programmes.

Mission: Our vision is an urban India where every resident enjoys optimal health and well-being, realizes his/her full potential and contributes to the nation's growth and development.

The mission of Urban Health Resource Centre is to bring about sustainable improvements in the health, nutrition and well-being of the urban poor through a concerted effort towards empowering communities, and influencing policies and programmes.

Our approach is to train communities to help themselves, and to keep costs very low. For example, in Agra (city of the Taj), our programme has yielded tremendous benefits at a cost of just 3 US cents per person per month!

Specialties: Public policy advocacy, Low-cost welfare programmes, Pubic Health, Technical assistance

UHRC develops demonstration programs to serve as learning sites for implementers, program managers from governmental and non-governmental agencies, policy influencers,researchers, students, and academician. These programs are continuously built upon and improved through lessons and feedback from communities and other stakeholders. This unique core of UHRC programme implementation has contributed to the flexible evolution of this approach with self-reliance and sustainability as the foundational premises.

Our programs facilitate the formation of women’s and children’s groups to strengthen the social cohesion in slums and to address gender inequity. The program works toward building their capacity to take charge of processes that affect family economics, health, education, nutrition, housing improvement and overall social well being. UHRC enables community groups to a) acquire knowledge, b) build negotiations skills (such as sending collective application to civic authorities) and, c) confidence to improve their living environment and to increase access to health, nutrition and social entitlements through different government agencies. The slum communities participate in health education and promotion sessions that UHRC holds periodically on topics such as maternal and child health, nutrition, hygiene, and environmental health.

The programmes encourage slum women’s and children’s groups to steadily build community-based collective savings (that serve as social development funds), and trains community groups on maintaining records of collective savings; loans given from the savings’ pool, interest received along with principal amount and learn the essential elements of managing savings and loans in a systematic manner. Loans are utilized for various needs: a) Maternal and Child Health, b) Health emergencies, c) Prevention of school drop-outs, d) House improvements, e) Food insecurity, f) Expansion of small enterprises, g) Repaying debts from money-lender, and h) Social and family expenditures.

Community groups of a local area are networked into a larger congress or cluster level team of women’s groups. This cluster team of women’s groups is the entity that develops greater community strength and negotiates for essential services such as paving of lanes, water supply, sewage system, cleaning of garbage and regular supervision and mentoring support from the UHRC teams. Urban Health Resource Centre partners with participating community groups and helps them access available services, schemes and resources.

How the donations will be used:

Every dollar raised will be put to use directly in projects for educating children and adults on confidence, self-esteem, health accessing government entitlements and services. Your contribution will go a long way in motivating the women’s groups and supporting UHRC’s efforts.

  • $25- will train 1 slum women's group member to apply for and pursue proof of address, which enables access to other entitlements
  • $50- will enable 10 pregnant women and 10 infants to access health services in their slum from trained para-medical workers
  • $100- will train slum a women's group to submit petitions, reminders and follow-ups with civic authorities to improve living environment (road, water, sewage, drains)

Achievements: In the year 2013-14, with UHRC facilitation and encouragement

  • 5600 women availed deliveries in government and private affordable hospitals
  • 3350 of these availed government’s Maternity‐Benefit scheme (Janani Suraksha Yojana)
  • 4656 children received immunization
  • 37000 slum population benefited from water supply
  • 6000 slum population benefited from electricity connections
  • 60,000 slum population benefited from roads paved
  • 120,000 slum population benefited from cleaning of drains
  • 8422 persons obtained proof of address and picture‐ID
  • 3327 ;ow interest loans were given to women's groups members' families and community members for meeting various family needs
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